The pros and cons of suburban living have been weighed for as long as cities and residential areas have been around. While some people are city dwellers to the very end, there’s a strong case to be made for living just outside of the city’s limits. Sometimes, the grass truly is greener on the other side.blog2

More Space

You may not have acres and acres of land, but chances are, if you live in a residential apartment community, you’ll have a certain amount of shared outdoor amenities you’re entitled to use. If you are wondering what could possibly be so great about having a community swimming pool, a barbeque terrace or an open green area with multiple walkways – there’s a long list of reasons. Enjoying some tanning time, outdoor family parties or just a peaceful place to walk your dog are a few of the many perks that come with such features.


Nature Is All Around You

Less skyscrapers means more nature. Being able to take a walk in your apartment’s development, explore a nearby state park or hike a trail in the middle of woods will bring about a number of advantages for your health. These include a decreased risk of depression, a more positive outlook, improvement in focus and a stronger immune system. Being able to enjoy the great outdoors also makes it easier to exercise – without the pricey gym membership.


Pollution Isn’t A Concern

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as perfect air. But it’s apparent that living outside of a city results in a much cleaner, fresher atmosphere. When you take away the amount of smog, toxic pollutants and fumes from traffic that is familiar to a city, you’ll find that there is a much lower level of pollution. Living on the outskirts of a city also means less noise pollution.


Small-Town Hospitality

While there are plenty of kind people in city areas, the hustle and bustle can find its citizens in more of a hurry and less of a chitchat kind of mood. Add the large square footage, number of business establishments and hasty atmosphere, and it results in more strangers than friends. When you have the opportunity to live in a rural location, you have more face-to-face time with the people who live next door, which results in a more close-knit and safe community.


You Don’t Need To Rely On Public Transit 

Although it can be really beneficial to utilize public transit, there are far more advantages to owning and operating your own vehicle. The number one benefit? You have far more control, deciding what time you leave for work, at no one else’s mercy, with no stops in between. If you do rent an apartment in a suburban setting and still need to travel to the city during the work week – or just for a night out – you can still access public transportation to get there if need be.  


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