Beginning to look for your first apartment can be an exciting time in your life. Yet, sometimes apartment hunting is not always the easiest process. Maybe you found a place you like, but it sounds too good to be true. Or perhaps you don’t know what to be looking for in an apartment. Woodmont Ridge wants you to be proud and confident in your decision on move-in day, and every day after that. Having a place to call home is one of the biggest decisions you can make in life and we want to help. Try to follow these helpful tips when renting your first apartment to cover all the basics!

1. Set a Budget and Stick To It

This is a very important first step. Without setting a budget, you could wind up with a place completely out of your price range and not be able to make your rent each month. Before making a final decision, you should write up a detailed list of what bills you will need to pay, along with the rent price, to know exactly how much you can afford. If you have a big car payment or cable bill that is going up to take most of your paycheck, you might need to look in a different price range. Check out all of our affordable floor plans and pricing to get an idea of costs.

2. Pick a Good Location

This step may seem obvious, but there is much more to it. It is important that your neighborhood is safe, but also to check that there are things to do in the area. You could pick the best apartment ever, but never have anything to do on the weekends. Woodmont Ridge, located at the west end of Allentown, has plenty of things to do in the Lehigh Valley. You will have access to all the best shopping, dining, and entertainment spots in the state.

Pick a Good LocationImage via Woodmont Ridge

3. See What the Apartment has to Offer

You want your apartment to have plenty of storage and updated appliances so that you’re not constantly calling for repairs. On that note, you should make sure your apartment complex has staff on alert for emergency repairs. At Woodmont Ridge, we always have somebody available for 24/7 repairs. Also, most apartment housing does not allow pets, but Woodmont Ridge gladly welcomes your furry friends! Even more, all of our apartment features are up to date with luxurious components. Our apartments are complete with sleek kitchen designs, Quartz Countertops, and energy efficient stainless steel appliances. You can do your laundry effortlessly with an in-home washer and dryer. There is sound-absorbing construction technology throughout the entire apartment for a comfortable experience.

See What the Apartment has to OfferImage via Woodmont Ridge

4. Tour the Property

We offer scheduled visits whenever is most convenient for you. It’s important to be able to see what community amenities the apartment has as well. Woodmont Ridge features everything from a stunning swimming pool with sundeck to a fully equipped fitness studio with virtual classes on demand. That’s only the beginning. There is a game room, clubhouse, BBQ terrace and fire pit, and walking paths all right at your fingertips.

5. Have Extra Money Set Aside

Most apartment complexes need a security deposit that is usually equal to 1 month’s rent. The security deposit is always refundable if there are no pending issues. You also might need some extra money aside to reserve your favorite apartment. See all of the frequently asked questions and our honest answers for you to get all the information you need.

6. Have A Someone Else Review The Lease

You always want a second opinion before you sign the lease. This is just a simple way to make sure you have read over all the terms and agree with them.

Get more information about applying for your first apartment on our website. Schedule a visit with Woodmont Ridge to get the process started today!