With a busy lifestyle, it’s not always easy to stay organized. Your bedroom should be a relaxing space to retreat to after a crazy day, but oftentimes clutter and disorganization can give the space negative energy. Even with a spacious floor plan, your bedroom will not be the oasis you once pictured it being without a strong organizational system. Get inspired on your organizational journey with these simple and easy tips and tricks!

Make Smart Furniture Decisions

If your drawers seem to be overflowing, this may be a sign that you don’t have enough functional furniture in your bedroom. Try investing in multifunctional furniture that often has hidden storage. Learn to get crafty with your storage space! Swap out your side tables for dressers or a chest, or opt for a dresser or desk that has more drawers than a standard one. The more storage space you have, the easier it is to keep yourself organized!

Under the Bed Storage

Take advantage of wasted floor space by investing in under the bed storage! Rather than shoving random items underneath your bed and then making a mess looking for it later, try organizing your space with clear, rolling storage bins. Giving each bin a specific purpose, including one for extra bed linens, one for handbags, and one for shoes, will help keep the space under your bed tidy and organized. For additional space under your bed, lift your bed up higher with bed risers.

Store Up, Not Out

When looking for furniture for your bedroom, nix the wide, wall-to-wall dressers and look for tall pieces of furniture. Taller pieces of furniture help maximize your room without sacrificing any storage space. If you already have your furniture, try adding shelving to your walls for your books or jewelry to benefit from commonly unused space. In addition to keeping your bedroom organized, utilizing your wall space brings the eyes upward, making your room feel larger.

Declutter your Dressers

It’s important to keep your dressers organized and free of any clutter, both on top of your furniture and in your drawers. If you’re the kind of person who empties their pockets onto their dresser, embrace your habit and add a tray where you can put your keys and wallet. If you try on a lot of jewelry, invest in a small dish or jewelry display. As far as your drawers go, dedicate each drawer to something specific and use dividers to keep your belongings organized.

Clean Out Your Closet

No matter if your apartment features a small closet or an oversized walk in closet, it’s what you do with your space that keeps your bedroom organized. Be ruthless with your wardrobe cleanse and donate or get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn in the past few months. If you have a hard time getting rid of things, try this tip: Place all of your hangers in the same direction. After you’ve worn and washed an article of clothing, hang it up with the hanger in the opposite direction. After three months, see what’s in your closet facing the original direction. Chances are, as long as it’s in season, if you haven’t worn it yet you can live without it.

Build Good Habits

Incorporating little changes into your everyday routine can help you save time trying to organize your space in the long run. Rather than letting your mail stack up on your desk or dresser, sort the mail over a trashcan and immediately discard any junk mail. The remaining mail can then get stored in a pocket-filing unit on your desk. As far as your closet goes, pick an organizational system for your clothing and stick to it. Make sure to purchase high quality hangers (no wires) to prevent anything from slipping off and piling up on the floor.

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