The Greatest Places to Take Your Children


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If a rainy day has got you and your kiddos singing the blues – or if boredom has suddenly become unbearable on a Saturday or Sunday – check out these four activities in Allentown, Pennsylvania that are perfect for kids; they’ll be calling you the “cool parent” in no time (you’re welcome!).

America on Wheels Museum

If you’ve got fans of anything and everything that has to do with transportation at home, then this museum is worth checking out for a day trip with the kids. It’s a museum that showcases literally anything with wheels – cars, trucks, motorcycles and more. The main entrance introduces the cars of the 1950s, which were created by big auto manufacturers and small shop owners. The gallery inside the lobby and corridor showcases vehicles that have specific relationships with their owners, from emergency cars to hotrods. Mack Trucks are presented in the south gallery, and the north gallery promotes vehicles that have been used for personal transportation, spanning the entirety of a century. The tour ends with the long haul room art gallery, displaying original artwork from Guinness advertising campaigns – these show the “new look” car designs from the post-war British era.

Kids Castle

Fellow parents have placed Kids Castle higher than Chuck E Cheese on their list of favorite places to take their kids. Every child is able to get in for free, so long as they have a food or token purchase of $5 or more. Complete with a full arcade and a jungle gym/climbing area, Kids Castle is the ultimate play place. The menu includes all your kiddo’s faves, from pizza (a fan favorite) to chicken nuggets. There are always coupons available to make your experience more affordable, and the staff is known to be accommodating and friendly.

Da Vinci Science Center

A more educational approach to a fun day out, the Da Vinci Science Center is a nonprofit organization definitely worth taking your kids to. The award-winning center has been entertaining youth since its opening in 1992, and continues to wow children of all ages today with interactive exhibits and programs. Everything available to visitors at the Da Vinci Science Center informs crowds about science, mathematics, engineering and technology in a playful and creative way, inspired by the great innovator Leonardo da Vinci himself. You can check out all the exhibits – from animals to animation – any day of the week.

Lehigh Valley Laser Tag

Catered toward older children (all players must be at least seven years old to play), Lehigh Valley Laser Tag is a safe place to enjoy the fast-paced and popular game of laser tag, and the only multi-level, state-of-the-art laser tag arena in all of Lehigh Valley. Players can enjoy illuminated barriers, glowing archways and passages as they strategically play in the dark, enhanced by fog and ultra modern black lights. Even though the laser tag games offered are set up in a team versus team format, there are special game formats on certain occasions. Open in the afternoons only, Lehigh Valley Laser Tag holds games seven days a week, each at an affordable price of $6. And who knows? Maybe your kids wouldn’t mind you joining in on the fun, too!


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