Moving can be a stressful process, especially if you have pets. As you shuffle around and pack up boxes, your pets have no idea what they are in for. To ensure a smooth transition for you and your pets, it is vital to take care of them and begin preparing ahead of time. Below are seven tips on how to make your move with your pets as hassle-free as possible.


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How to Ensure a Pet-Friendly Move

1. Learn Rules and Regulations

Depending on where you are moving, there may be different policies you need to familiarize yourself with. Ensure that you are moving into a pet friendly apartment community before you sign the lease. Once you have confirmed that pets are allowed, your pet may need additional vaccinations, medications, or certificates. If you are moving out of state, knowing the requirements your pet must meet can help avoid any headaches that may arise.

2. Talk to your Veterinarian

Your vet is your best resource to make moving as easy as possible on your pet. For animals that do not enjoy travelling, ask your vet about how you can make this process as stress free as possible. If you are moving too far away to keep going to your current vet, ask if he or she has any recommendations for vets in your new neighborhood and be sure to get a copy of any medical records.

3. Update Your Address

Make sure you have new identification tags made for your pets with the address of your new home and phone number. If the pet has a microchip, don’t forget to update your contact information in the database of the program you use. Changing your address is key because it will help your pets find their way home in case of an emergency!

4. Keep Everything as Normal as Possible

Rather than waiting until the last minute to begin packing, pack little by little over an extended period of time. Animals are not very receptive to change, so the less obvious it is, the easier it will be on your pets. When you are not packing, stick to your typical routine and be sure your pets do the same.

5. Make Plans Ahead of Time

Whether you need to find a pet-sitter because the move will take longer than a day or need to buy a plane ticket to your new destination, be proactive and take care of things in advance. If you will be driving to your new home, take your pets on short drives every so often and get them used to being in the car.

6. Prepare to Move

On move in day, if you do not have someone to watch your pets, situate them in a quiet place as you load boxes, move furniture, etc. Be sure they are stocked up on food, water and toys, and only move your pets once you are ready to travel to your new home. By having everything set up before your pets come, it will be easier for them to adjust.

7. Explore the Area

Do not let your pets out of their carriers until you are done unpacking and help them adjust. Take them on walks to get to know the area. Make sure they remain leashed until they are comfortable!

Pet Friendly Apartments in Allentown, PA

With these tips in mind, you will be able to cuddle up to your furry friend after a stress-free move. If you are looking for pet-friendly apartments in Pennsylvania, contact Woodmont Ridge or apply online today!