Renting over owning does not make a space any less yours. Just because you can’t repaint the walls or replace the appliances does not mean there are no landlord-friendly adjustments you can make to call an apartment home. Like the amenities provided to you, the opportunities are also endless! Keep reading for six simple tricks to turn your cookie-cutter pad into a customized palace.


How to Personalize Your Pennsylvania Apartment


1. Add lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference in improving the ambience of a room. Even if you have overhead lighting, you can open up a space by adding floor and desk lamps within your apartment. Lamps also help you keep some money in your pocket because turning lamps on in specific areas over all the lights in the room saves electricity and lowers your utility bill.



2. Pick Out Accents

Even if you can’t paint the walls of your apartment, so what? Having limitations on the colors you can paint the wall does not limit the possibilities you have to decorate your apartment. Display mementos, family pictures, and souvenirs to personalize a room. If you are an art fanatic, you can dress up an empty wall with a large portrait or spruce up a lonely corner with a sculpture that speaks to you. You can even replace furniture with antique pieces that have a story to tell.


3. Increase Storage

You may be accustomed to storing pots and pans in the oven and shoving extra rolls of toilet paper in a bathroom corner, but there are more organized and efficient ways to enhance storage. Although space in an apartment is limited, it is still feasible to make room. Invest in over-the-door hangers, under-bed storage, and stackable containers to make the most out of even the most inopportune space. Adding smart storage will not only give you more room, but it will also keep unsightly clutter hidden and out of the way.


4. Utilize Empty Space

Take a minute to look around your apartment to identify “dead” spaces, and brainstorm ways you can spruce them up. Far too often, little nooks and crannies go unnoticed and unused, simply because they blend in with the rest of the surroundings. With just a little bit of creativity and time, you can turn a cluttered closet into an amazing storage space, or start an in-home garden on a windowsill.


5. Reorganize and Rearrange

Moving around furniture makes a substantial difference in a room, with minimal effort required. Just by playing with the layout of your furniture, you can completely transform the look of a room! Reorganizing what pieces go where can open your eyes to a plethora of arrangements you were unaware of. Best of all, if you don’t like the new set up, you can always move everything right back and no one will ever know!


6. Go Green

Greenery serves as a natural air purifier and increases both energy and positivity in a room. An added benefit to flowers and plants is that they can add color to any ordinary space, lifting your mood and the room’s vibe. If you do not have a lot of time to devote to the watering and upkeep of plants, purchase fake flowers from a craft store, or invest in greenery that takes little time to maintain.


Luxury Apartments in PA

While it may be harder for an apartment to feel like home, it is still possible with a little handiwork, some inspiration and the 6 tips listed above. If you are looking for an apartment to call home in the Allentown, PA area, Woodmont Ridge offers the best floor plans and community amenities in town. Be sure to apply online or contact us today to schedule your tour of our stunning apartments!