The winter months might steal away some of your favorite outdoor activities, which is why it is crucial to create a warm and comforting space in your apartment. Not only do you need to keep your apartment warm during the cold winter months, but you can also take advantage of the beauty winter has to offer by using it as inspiration for your décor. Incorporate our decorating tips below to have your Allentown, PA apartment looking festive for the cold season upon us!


Invite the Winter into Your Apartment With These Design Tips

Brighten Your Space with Color

When the chill has sucked the life from the outdoors, it can do the same to you too. It’s more important in the wintertime to add some cheerfulness and excitement to your interior, so don’t be afraid to take advantage! Consider a new cover for your sofa, or some bright pillows for both comfort and style.


Bring Texture into the Bedroom

Make the bed warmer and more comfortable by bringing more layers into the bedroom. With more items to play with, you’ll be able to create a more dynamic bedspread, regardless of how eclectic or simple your color scheme is. Incorporate heavier materials like flannel to help you stay warm and create a winter inspired look.


Drape Your Seating with Throws

Winter décor is all about bringing warmth into your home. Throws can provide this both literally and figuratively. Stylistically, throws are rather versatile in how they can intertwine themselves with the rest of the room. Consider a sheepskin or faux fur piece for a more rugged flare, something simple and striped for a more heritage aesthetic, or something bright and patterned for an injection of energy and fun.


Decorate with Crystal and White Ceramic

Displaying white and crystal glassware and dishware will provide a lovely snow-esque counterpoint to your décor! These timeless pieces are a subtle, yet beautiful way to grab inspiration from the outdoors.


Warm Your Feet with Cozy Rugs

We all love bare flooring, especially when it’s wood or beautiful tile work. But in the winter, these flooring options can have you feeling cold! Roll out a fluffy rug in the center of your living room for added comfort. Don’t be afraid the lay down an option in the kitchen as well, just make sure that it’s something that is easily washable.


Add Winter Aromas into Your Home

Décor isn’t just about creating a visual flair or cozy comfort. If you’re really going to complete the setting, welcoming aromas are a must. There are all sorts of options in the shapes of scented pinecones, potpourri, and more. Some wintertime scents to keep in mind include cedar, wood smoke, cinnamon, apple, and mint.


Craft Some Winter Fun

The most personal touch you can make? Craft your own winter decorations! There are thousands of intricate snowflake patterns on Pinterest that serve as fun accent pieces for your dining room table. Another DIY project you can try is to add sparkle to pinecones and branches to create a shining centerpiece. These sorts of crafts add a nice one of a kind touch into your carefully detailed home.


Bring Nature Inside

At a time where life outdoors is sparse, it’s good to inject our surroundings with a little extra life. Get a plant such as a fern, succulent, or peace lily, all of which will help purify the air and require minimal sun. A dozen red roses bring warmth and romance to the dining room table. A bowl of chestnuts or acorns can be displayed on a side table or bookshelf.


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