Sledding in Allentown PA

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‘Tis the season for snow, days off from school and the best sledding in PA! If you live in any neighborhood of the Allentown, Pennsylvania area, this is especially true for you. However, even the most well adjusted residents of our town have yet to experience all of the sledding locations for their families to enjoy. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the best spots to check out this season for kids, their parents, family members and friends to partake in and enjoy, whether you live in an Allentown home or apartment community.

South Whitehall Chase Park

Located at 3700 Lincoln Ave in Allentown, South Whitehall Chase Park is an amazing spot that gets plenty of snow throughout the months of December, January and February. The park is on the smaller side, complete with a basketball court, in addition to a set of simple playground equipment. An open park that does not contain a fence, South Whitehall Chase Park has a bike path that connects to surrounding neighborhoods. There is a small-scale hill on the park’s premise, which makes for a great sledding hill suitable for younger children who are just getting the hang of the winter activity.


Cedar Creek Park West

You can find Cedar Creek Park West between Broadway and Parkway Road. It’s one of Leigh County’s sports fields, and contains a bunch of great hills of varying heights and sizes. Because of the wide variety, more experienced sledders can enjoy the fast-paced ride on a steeper hill, while their smaller counterparts can ride on the slower terrain. There isn’t much traffic passing through the sport’s field in the winter time, so sledders don’t have to worry too much about accidental collisions. Not to mention, Cedar Creek Park West is isolated, so you’re able to avoid pesky cars and trees.


Cherry Hill

Driving on Martin Luther King Blvd. will reveal Cherry Hill, which is located near Allentown’s YMCA/YWCA. The hill is between 15th Street and Martin Luther King Drive, and is extremely easy to get to if you know the area well enough. While this sledding spot does not offer parking, it has a unique terrain that is ideal for thrill-seekers of all ages. So, if you’re bored with the usual sledding locations that you normally hit with family and friends, check out Cherry Hill for a much more exciting – and unpredictable – time.


Cedar Crest College

Residents of Allentown are familiar with Cedar Crest College, which prides itself on a curriculum specifically for women who are looking to achieve the highest levels of success. The sledding hill at Cedar Crest College – which is just off of Honochik Drive – may be equally well known among the community, thanks to its awesome location and prime sledding conditions. There is plenty of room to park on the street, and it is secluded within the campus, so there is minimal room for challenging obstacles, foot or car traffic.


Alton Park

Formally known as Percy Ruhe Park, Alton Park came to be known as the latter because of the youth-serving organization that runs it. Four baseball and softball fields, three basketball courts, three football fields and a playground cover the entire length of the park, which is located on 24th street in Allentown. There is an extremely long hill that is amazing for sledding, offering a good amount of distance on which sledders do not have to worry about riding at too high a speed. Alton Park has so many great perks that make it a prime location for sledding – there is a decent sized parking lot for everyone to leave their cars, restrooms on location and a pavilion to gather at for a lunch, snack or hot cocoa break!


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