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Allentown, Pennsylvania is full of fun and exciting things to do. Whether you want to dine out or want a nightlife experience, you don’t have to search far for fun in Allentown. However, after a long stressful week, sometimes the best treat is a night in. Spending a night in and practicing some self-care is the perfect way to rejuvenate and treat yourself. At Woodmont Ridge Upper Macungie in Allentown, we want our residents feeling their absolute best. That is why we have put together some of our favorite tips and ideas for planning the ultimate night in. Enjoy!


Make sure everything is tidy the night before

One of the easiest ways to ruin your ultimate night in is by having house chores! It is hard to relax when the floors are dirty and the laundry is piling over your hamper. Preparing for your night in means making sure that you are actually able to relax. So, do a quick clean-up of your apartment the night before to make sure you have a clean and peaceful environment to relax in. Your future self will thank you!


Have all the right snacks and beverages

The ultimate night in is going to require all of your favorite snacks and food. Either pick up some of your favorite beverages and snacks the night before, or treat yourself and order delivery. The right snacks and treats on your special night will make it all the more perfect and relaxing!


Create a theme

Think of your ultimate night in as a party for yourself. Like every good party, your night in needs a solid theme. Below are some of our favorites, but feel free to choose anything that makes you happy.


Movie Night

This is the classic night-in experience, one to which we all treat ourselves every once in a while. Pick out your favorite classic movies, jump into your best pair of pajamas, and have the popcorn and candy ready to go. This is a great activity whether your night in is with friends, family, a significant other, or if you’re by yourself!


Spa Luxury

You don’t have to pay a ton of money to feel like you’re at the spa. For this night-in theme, buy yourself a face mask, some body scrubs and a favorite nail polish. Enjoy a long soak in the bathtub and treat yourself to any other luxuries you have been craving. A spa night is the perfect way to refresh after a stressful week and to prepare for anything that comes your way.


Reading Marathon

Calling all bookworms! Do you feel like your life is so hectic that you never have time for your favorite books? If so, why not spend your night in diving into a new book? Grab a couple books you have been meaning to read for a while, set up a comfy reading area (complete with snacks!) and enjoy. You also can combine your reading night with the spa-night theme if you are up for both relaxation and a good read.


Bake Night

Sometimes, the best way to de-stress is with baked goods. If you love to bake and find it therapeutic, then go for it! Plan a menu of everything you want to bake and make sure you have all of the ingredients. Don’t forget to indulge a little in your baked creations, and then share with friends, family and co-workers in the coming week.


Game Night

If you are not taking on your “ultimate night in” solo, then a game night is the perfect way to entertain guests without leaving your residence. Choose some classic board games or a fun new game you have been meaning to try and enjoy a night of fun.


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