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As you prepare to welcome the spring season, you know what that means … spring cleaning! While some of us approach spring cleaning with dread, and others with glee, it is a necessity in reducing clutter for the rest of the year. For this year’s annual spring cleaning of your apartment in Allentown, Pennsylvania, your friends at Woodmont Ridge are here to assist you with some of our best tips for getting this chore checked off your list. So, set aside a weekend this spring to dedicate to making your space beautiful with these easy steps.


1. Donate Some Clothes

Did you know that a surplus of clothing items tends to cause the most clutter within your home? Chances are, you probably don’t ever wear about half of your clothing items, so why are you letting them take up space in your Allentown apartment? Gather all of your clothing items from every closet and dresser in your home and dump them on the floor. Go through each item, one by one, to determine if it is something that you truly love and wear often. If it isn’t, place it in a donate pile (or discard if it isn’t wearable). Drive your donated clothes over to Goodwill in Allentown, or to Dress for Success in Allentown.


2. Explore the Hard-to-Notice Areas

It usually isn’t until someone is moving out that they realize how many items they had lying around in random drawers and tops of closets. Make a point to open up every drawer and inspect every closet for clutter and unnecessary items. Chances are that you have a drawer with pens that don’t work and expired coupons, all just waiting to be cleared out!


3. Invest in Storage Solutions

While spring cleaning, begin to determine how you can better store your belongings to maximize space and reduce clutter for the whole year. We recommend using under-the-bed storage to keep lesser-used items out of sight. Also consider vertical shelving to maximize wall space and keep clutter off the floors. This will make your apartment appear much larger than it actually is.


4. Change Your Air Filters

If you have not been keeping up with changing your air vent filters, now is the time to do so. If you live in an apartment in Allentown, simply contact the maintenance department and request a change. This will keep the air flowing through your apartment fresh and clean, while reducing allergens. You will have enough of those outside in the spring!


5. Freshen Up With Some Greenery

Spring cleaning can also allow for a little bit of home décor. This year’s color of the year is greenery. Incorporate this trend with green accents around the home. We recommend a house plant to liven up the space and purify the air.


6. Finish Off With a Deep Clean

This is usually the most dreaded part of spring cleaning, but it won’t seem that bad when you have an organized plan of attack! Break up your work by room, starting with dusting off all surfaces and disinfecting, and ending with a vacuum and sweep of all the floors. Wash all of your bedding and open up your windows to let some fresh spring air inside. Now, sit back and relax in your clean and beautiful apartment.


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