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How to Keep Your Apartment Clutter-Free

It’s so easy to create a mess in your apartment, yet so hard to find the time to clean it up. After hours of work, a long day at school or just an exhausting day in general, the last thing you want to do is come home and tackle a messy space – which is exactly why you should follow these five apartment organization hacks to make your life a little bit easier:


1.    Use kitchen supplies to organize odds and ends

You probably never thought that clear, glass cookie jar you have would ever double as a knick knack organizer. The reality? So many things laying around your kitchen can be used to organize and stash away all the random items – from office supplies to crafting essentials – in your apartment. Tupperware is another great example, since you can see what’s inside and keep it contained with a tight lid.


2.    Turn a wine rack into bathroom storage

If you’re a woman (or man) who spends a little more than their fair share of time getting ready in the bathroom, it’s likely that you’ve got a stash of face soaps, cleansers, scrubs, hair gel and other bottled products for your grooming routine. Even though many apartments have amazing features, like a built-in bathroom shelf mirror, it can still be tough to wrangle all the bottles and stash them away properly. In order to make the process a little easier, use a wine rack to organize all of the products in a neat way. You can keep it on the ground, on the back of the toilet or under the sink and out of sight.


3.    Keep jewelry on a paper towel holder

Yes, it does sound kind of ridiculous – but the truth is, a paper towel holder does just the trick when it comes to keeping your jewelry neat and tidy. Because of its shape, you can stack bracelets and watches vertically, which will open up even more space in your drawers for other items. And as an added bonus, it’ll be much easier to decide which piece you want to wear, since stacking them turns the jewelry into a display.


4.    Hang clothes with shower hooks

Even if you have a spacious apartment, that still doesn’t change the fact that there is never enough closet space to spare. In this clever organization hack, use shower hooks to hang pants and shorts by the belt loop; you’ll be surprised by how much room it frees up. You can also use the hooks to hang accessory scarves as well.


5.    DIY a boot dryer

Shoes can get pretty gross, bringing germs, bacteria, mud and water back into the apartment. The next time you come home from a dog walk, or get caught in the rain, craft a shoe dryer to store all your used, dirty sneakers and boots. You can create one by using a spray-painted cookie sheet for the base and filling it up with pebbles from outside. Keep it by the doorway, so you can lay the shoes on it as soon as you walk in the door.


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