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One of the most intimidating aspects of living on your own is the moving process. Organizing furniture, clothing, and personal possessions can be time consuming and overwhelming. No matter what time of year you move into an apartment, these tips will help you stay organized, save time, and even have some fun during the move!


1. Get Organized

As soon as the move is official, start getting everything in order. Set aside a folder or file to keep all of your move-related paperwork, and dedicate a notebook for other information and checklists.

You should also start sorting. Decide what to keep, discard, or donate. One expert tip is to organize your belongings by category, not by room. The sooner you start, the easier it will be to just sort through a few things every night as opposed to everything you own a few days before!


2. Sell What Isn’t Needed

You may have some items you no longer want, but would love to get a little money for. If that’s the case, set these items aside and sell them! If it’s brand name clothing, you could try Poshmark or a consignment store like Buffalo Exchange. For more specialty items that it’s time to let go of (like that massive collection of Beanie Babies), get on eBay and make some cash! If you’re the type to hold on to things forever, make sure you’re moving into an apartment with ample storage space and garage access.


3. Start Packing Early

Begin boxing up the things you won’t need right away, and make sure to label the boxes. Since all of your clothes are now organized, it will be easy to box up your out-of-season outfits. If you have jewelry, heirlooms, or other valuable items, make sure to separate them from the main move. You don’t want them getting mixed up with other packed items, so keep them in a safe place to transport yourself!


4. Recruit Friends and Family

If you’re looking to save money by not hiring a moving company, make sure you get some help from your family and friends. Everyone’s schedules can fill up quickly; ask them as soon as possible so they can set some time aside to help you pack and move.

Additionally, be sure you have rented a large moving truck that can fit all your belongings. There is nothing worse than having to find another truck at the very last minute, when you realize the couch is too big to fit inside the original. Having loved ones around, especially those that are familiar with the moving process, can help keep you sane.  Just make sure you provide some pizza to keep everyone happy!


5. Budget for New Furniture

If you plan on getting new furniture, establish a budget for yourself and be sure to stick with it. Start with some basic pieces and then work your way up from there. Many people make the mistake of hurrying to fill their apartment with all brand new furniture and décor. Take your time and check Craigslist, local thrift stores, or even Facebook for affordable used furniture. This is also where those generous family and friends of yours can once again lend a helping hand!


6. Tips for the Day Of

The big day is here! Load your heaviest items, like furniture, into the back of the truck first. Take charge and delegate every task, no matter how small, to your helpers so that no one is wasting time with nothing to do. The more hands, the faster the unpacking process will go! Keep a stash of Ziploc bags in your purse or backpack for the big moving day. You can use the bags to store doorknobs, tiny screws and brackets, or other small, easily forgettable items. Refer to all of your helpful checklists to ensure everything has arrived safe and sound, and start to settle in to your exciting new apartment!


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