Allentown, Pennsylvania is an exciting and fun place to live. From the exceptional nightlife to the shopping and food, apartments in Allentown are quickly being snatched up by those who want to be a part of this incredible community. After finding the perfect apartment, it is time to personalize it so that it truly feels like home. Here are some tips for personalizing your Allentown apartment.


1. Pick a Color Palette

The first step to personalizing an apartment is adding some color! Most apartments come standard with a neutral color wall, but this does not mean you can’t brighten up the space. We recommend choosing a palette – 2 to 5 coordinating colors – that you will use throughout your space. Use these colors to decide on what kind of furniture, throws, pillows, rugs, curtains, bedding, and various décor you will invest in. Having color specifications will make shopping easier and give you freedom to still be creative.


2. Hang Up Art and Pictures

If you find a piece of art while strolling the shops in Allentown, and your budget permits, this is the perfect thing to hang up in your new apartment! Art does not have to be overly expensive. For example, you can plan a painting day with your friends and create art that incorporates all of your favorite colors and is uniquely “you.”


3. Install Shelves to Place Favorite Belongings

Shelves are a great way to keep your space tidy and use up some of that vertical wall space. Shelves also are an awesome way to show off some of your favorite belongings and make the apartment look more personalized. After hanging up your shelves, place some of your favorite books, knick-knacks, and photographs on the shelves to show off your unique style.


4. Invest Extra Time in Your Favorite Room

Where are people more likely to find you? Relaxing in the living room? Cooking up something delicious in the kitchen? Taking a soak in the bathtub? Wherever it may be, dedicate a little extra TLC to this room to make it feel more homey. For example, if you like to relax in the living room, invest in some extra throw blankets and pretty lamps. If the kitchen is more your style, perhaps incorporate some fresh-cut flowers or new table settings. If you like to unwind in the bathtub, treat your space to luxurious towels and a robe. These small investments will personalize your space and make you feel right at home.


5. Incorporate Your Favorite Scents

Every apartment develops a unique scent based on the people that live there. To make your new apartment in Allentown feel more personalized, find a candle, incense or oil diffuser in a scent that you absolutely love. Every day when you return home, that familiar scent will make you feel happy and relaxed.


Find the Perfect Apartment Home in Allentown, Pennsylvania

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