DIY Projects

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After moving into a new apartment, you might find yourself facing a serious dilemma: You want to decorate your apartment but are restricted by your budget and your landlord’s strict rules. Although your apartment may offer you an abundance of great amenities, you still want to personalize your new living space and really make it your own. Here are a few Do It Yourself (DIY) projects that won’t break your bank or lease agreement.

Cabinet Door Storage

This project will help you save space in your kitchen by acting as an extra storage space. All you need for this project are a few Command strips. If you are storing mittens or towels, simply hang an adhesive strip to the back of the cabinet door and hang your item on it. This trick also works with small pots. If you have more items that need storage space, purchase a small basket and use the same method to hang it. You can place anything from cleaning supplies to snacks in the basket.

Magnetic Space Rack

Is your space rack taking up too much space in your cabinet? To clear up some extra cabinet space, move your spices from the cabinet to the fridge. This might sound strange, but this project is a huge help when it comes to saving space. Purchase as many plastic organizers or baskets that are able to hold all of your spices and stick a couple of magnetic strips on the back of the baskets. Last but not least, stick the completed product on the side of your fridge. Once these steps are complete, decorate the spice racks as you please and start storing your collection of spices. To avoid crowding and heaviness, be sure not to overfill the baskets.

Corkboard Coasters

Many households lack coasters even though they are essential in protecting your tables from water rings. This quick project will ensure that you always have a decorative coaster nearby to save your tables. All you need is a corkboard sheet, knife and paint of your choice. Before you begin cutting the shape of the coasters, be sure to have an outline of the shape you want your coaster to be. Trace the outline and then use the knife to cut a clean and precise shape. Once this is complete, decorate the coaster using anything from acrylic paint to markers. Get creative and draw the design of your choice to ensure a unique piece.

Organization Board

For this project, you will need a piece of plywood the size of your choice, paint, sticky notes, white boards and adhesive strips. Your first step will be to paint the plywood. Here’s your chance to get creative and choose your favorite color or design for the board. Next, lay out the items you wish to place on the board. Here are a few suggestions: A calendar to help you keep track of important events, one or two small whiteboards to jot down your daily to-do, a pad of sticky notes to write down messages to other members of the household, and a picture frame with the week’s dinner menu. You can decide what’s most important to do and what you need to be reminded of on a daily basis. Next, use a hot glue gun to stick all of your items onto the board carefully. Finally, stick some adhesive strips on the back and you are good to go! This project doubles as creative décor and a fun way to get organized.

Hanging Mirror

A statement mirror is a great addition to any room. Instead of spending a fortune on one, this DIY project is a fun way to make your own mirror and customize it however you want. All you’ll need for this project is a round cutting board with a handle, a round mirror (without a frame), paint, a sanding block, and something strong enough to hold the mirror, such as a suede string. First, paint the sides and back of the cutting board with any color or design. Next, stick the mirror on the board using adhesive strips. Be sure that the mirror aligns with the paint. Next, drill a small hole on the top of the handle and tie a strong and sturdy string on it. Finally, hang the mirror with the help of a few Command strips and check yourself out!

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