How to Avoid Clutter in Your Apartment

Apartment living offers a resident less responsibility versus that of a homeowner. The simple lifestyle of an apartment allows for a significant amount of relaxation time and less worry about the attributed maintenance cost. With this in mind, living in an apartment is obviously quite different, but you’ll still want to keep the interior of your living space as neat as can be. Avoiding clutter is easy if you make a conscious effort! Here are eight helpful tips to avoid clutter in your apartment and organize your space!

1. Less “Stuff”

The first word of advice to getting rid of apartment clutter is owning less “stuff.” This tip can be quite obvious but it’s the most simple of solutions. Think about it, the less materials in your home, the less opportunity there is to clutter things together. Go through your apartment and make an executive decision on what you truly need. Place your unwanted items into a box and donate your old belongings to the Salvation Army or a charity of your choice! Purging your home of clutter and unwanted belongings not only helps your living space, but can help others too!

2. Junk Drawer

Many of the items in your apartment may be important in helping you perform your everyday actions. You wouldn’t call it “junk,” but maybe someone else will. Regardless of its importance or debatable everyday use, you just can’t get rid of them. Clearing away space and setting aside a “junk drawer” is a great way to avoid clutter. A junk drawer is sort of like a centralized space for those random items in your apartment. It’ll allow you to store them in one place without leaving some here and there throughout your home.

3. Create Storage Space

Clutter can begin when your belongings are lacking storage space. Apartments aren’t always the most generous when it comes to storage opportunities, so you’ll have to get creative! Creating storage isn’t as intimidating as it seems and there are many ways to go about this potential dilemma. Your closets will only be able to store so much so why not invest in furniture that will sufficiently store your property? Search for pieces that will provide a two-in-one purpose. For example, there are many bed frames that have built in drawers to accommodate more space for storing clothes. Combat clutter by creating more space in a limited setting.

4. Clear the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a major source of clutter. A messy kitchen can contribute to the overall attitude of the rest of the apartment, possibly inspiring more clutter. The single most important thing to keep in mind is keeping your sink clean! Don’t let the plates, bowls, pots and utensils from piling up. You’ll have absolutely no will to sort through the mess when they begin to stack up. Preventing your sink from getting out of hand is a must but it’d be smart to clean the rest of the kitchen as well. Cleaning the grit and grim will make you feel better when it’s all polished off!

5. Keep Up with Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is next on the list. Avoiding clutter also means preventing lazy habits. Make your bed everyday when you wake up in the morning to keep those positive traits flowing! You’ll hopefully be less likely to leave your clothes all over the room and further create a habit that develops into a negative routine.

6. Don’t Let Paper Stack Up

Steer clear from unnecessary amounts of paper! Just like your kitchen sink, too much paper can get out of hand. Sort through your mail and only keep what’s important. Throw out all paper products that are of no use to you. Keep your apartment as paper free as possible by cleaning off your eating, working and sitting spaces!

7. Organize the Medicine Cabinet

This tip will save you from unnecessary headaches! Your medicine cabinet should be kept clean and organized in the event you need to get in there. The last thing you want is to make your headache worse while frantically search for medication through the clutter.

8. Simple Decoration

Decorate sparingly! Simple decoration directly avoids too much clutter and opens up the apartment. Your space will look much bigger with less decoration. Keep your walls, floors and shelves clear from too many knickknacks and unnecessary displays. The timeless phrase, “less is more,” will always prove to be a powerful statement!

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