Best Indoor Plants for Apartments

Finally, your apartment is decorated to perfection! Proud of your work, you take a step back to take in the beauty, but realize something is missing. After much thought you may find yourself simply unable to figure out what to incorporate next. If you’re having trouble adding those finishing touches to your apartment, try investing in some houseplants. Sometimes all you need to spruce up the place is a little greenery! Picking out your favorite houseplant will bring the perfect amount of life to your living space. Here are the best low-maintenance houseplants to liven up your apartment!

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is a staple for any home or apartment. The plant is easy to grow and can adapt to any indoor conditions throughout the year. Its nickname comes from the long spider-like growth that dangles downward as they mature. The houseplant grows when tiny “spiderettes,” or mini-spider plants, grow from the tips of the parent plant. These spiderettes can actually be taken off of the plant and placed in new pots or vases of water to grow new ones! The spider plant only requires to be watered once a week and, this goes without saying, doesn’t actually have any spiders!

Boston Fern

The Boston fern is another popular low-maintenance houseplant. The only exception is that this fern loves humidity. Finding and maintaining the plant’s required humidity level may be difficult at first, but when you find that happy medium the Boston fern will flourish! This fern is most popular as a hanging plant. Suspending it into the air adds that extra greenery you’re looking for without creating clutter. As an added bonus, Boston ferns can also improve the air quality in your apartment! Ferns remove toxins from the air through a natural filtration process. Enjoy your fern and the fresh air!

Jade Plant

Succulents are all the rage right now. What better way to experience the fad than getting yourself your very own Jade Plant? Jade plants are popular within homes because they’re said to promote luck and good fortune. Most succulents require very little water and high sun exposure. You won’t have to soak this little guy until the very top of the soil shows signs of dryness. Find a sunny place and enjoy this long living houseplant!


While on the topic of succulents, we can’t leave out the forever-popular Aloe plant! The long pointed leaves are easily recognizable for its looks and the accessory medicinal properties associated with it. This plant also requires very little water and a lot of sunlight. When Aloe is taken care of correctly it can grow to three feet tall but smaller varieties do exist if you have limited space in your apartment. Selecting the type of Aloe is ultimately up to you, but they sure make quite the impact in your home!

English Ivy

The English Ivy houseplant is typically used as ground cover for the outdoors but is often brought inside of the home. This plant prefers to be on the dry side so be mindful of overwatering. Ivy will not grow in standing water or overly moist conditions. The versatile houseplant also offers apartment and homeowners a variety of options to choose from. Aside from leaf shape and growth speed traits, English Ivy offers boundless color options such as green, white, yellow, gray and even black! The greenery in your home may not be very green at all!

Rubber Tree

The Rubber Tree offers the most vibrant green any room could ever ask for. The houseplant is capable of growing eight feet tall and the dark glossy shine of the leaves brings a real pop no matter where you choose to place it. The rubber tree doesn’t have to be watered unless the soil looks completely dried out and thrives in warmer conditions. When pruning the plant, be careful of making a mess from the white sap that bleeds from its stalk!

Money Tree

A Money Tree is a great plant for every apartment. The money tree comes in many sizes and is said to bring about good fortune to the homeowner, just like the Jade plant! This houseplant’s folklore is only part of its popularity. Caring for the tree is quite simple as it only involves indirect sunlight and little water to successfully live in your apartment! It’s too bad the leaves aren’t actually dollar bills.

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