Finally, you’re all moved into your new apartment. The kitchen is unpacked and the living room is set up, but what about your bedroom? Finding time to make your sleeping space the relaxing oasis it should be can be hard when transitioning from a move. To help ease your troubles, we’ve come up with 7 tips for decorating your bedroom.

Choose a Relaxing Color Palette

Your bedroom should be a relaxing and peaceful environment. Choosing the right color palette for you is essential in ensuring the right mood. Subtle shades are often the default go-to when designing bedrooms, but dynamic and bold colors allow for a real aesthetic pop. Finding the perfect palette for you may take time but is definitely worth the payoff.

Increase Feng Shui

Keeping your bed as the focal point of the room, try to arrange your furniture with ample walking room. Utilizing closet space and avoiding apartment clutter allows for an open, more inviting space. Play around with space or take some time to declutter troublesome spots to create your personal haven.

Utilize Mirrors

Use mirrors to make a room lighter and feel more open. Natural lighting is the best lighting for any room and nothing is worse than an overly dim bedroom. Strategically placed mirrors will help reflect natural light while making the room appear bigger than it really is. Vanities hung horizontally are an excellent choice for dressers or vertical for behind doors and narrow walls.

Utilize Creative Storage

Space matters in an apartment and using that space to its full potential can greatly improve your bedroom layout. Instead of piling up summer clothes on a couch in the corner, invest in under-bed storage containers to reduce unnecessary clutter. Great for a range of items, storing unused items in dead space can free up more space in closets, dressers and walkways.

Buy More Throw Pillows

Investing in the perfect amount of throw pillows can really add to your bedroom’s feng shui. The ideal amount varies from person to person, but throw pillows should act as decorative accents to an already defined room. Playing around with colors and sizes, as well as textures and placements, will provide your bedroom with the perfect finishing touch.

Play Around With Fabrics

For a more dramatic bedroom, add different textures to the layout. Curtains, bed covers, carpets and end furniture are all great for exploring different combinations and styles. Use different fabrics to add depth and color to your room. By mixing a variety of styles and patterns, fool around with the right intensity for your room.

Change With The Seasons

While it’s impractical to purchase a matching bed set for every season, switching sheets from lighter to darker can easily freshen your bedroom for that much needed apartment spring cleaning. Not convinced? Doubling as a practical modification, swapping out heavier covers for airier duvets allows you to stay seasonable and comfortable.

Create the Perfect Bedroom at Woodmont Ridge

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