Let’s just go ahead and say it, one of the most bittersweet things about leasing is not being able to paint the walls. Creative minds – and less creative minds – do not fear! Just because the walls may not provide the perfect color, that doesn’t mean they’ll be bleakly decorated for very long. We’ve created an apartment decoration list to help renters add color to their walls without paint.

Add Color With Art

Hanging works of art on your wall is a creative way to add color to any room – whether it’s store bought or your very own homemade masterpiece! Play around with hues and textures to add some personality to your wall. Keep the room fresh by changing up the display every couple of months. Luckily, your options don’t just end with art. Check out some more DIY apartment ideas to help inspire some unique ideas!

Try Tapestries

Similar to art, tapestries are an excellent way to spice up any room. Instantly change the feel of a room by adding an oversized tapestry to a barren wall. With a variety of colors, sizes and shapes it should be easy finding a tapestry that best fits your style. In addition to traditional tapestries, leftover fabric scraps and vintage sheets lying around the apartment make for great samples as well.

Upgrade With Curtains

You know you’re all grown up when you’re moving into your very own apartment and buying curtains! All kidding aside, curtains are the perfect way to add subtle color to a room with a big impact. Whether you want to add to your base tones or choose a pattern that pops, curtains can change the feel of an entire room. Another option similar to curtains includes the purchase of indoor shades – these too will offer great additional color as well!

Multi-Colored Lights and Lamps

Haven’t gotten around to putting your Holiday lights away yet? Try using an extra multicolor strand around any large piece of furniture for a colorful and dynamic new look. Decorating your doorways, cabinets and hallways has never been easier!

Apartment Plants

Another excellent way to brighten up your living space is placing your favorite indoor plants around the apartment. Plants provide a beautiful visual display due to their versatility, wide variety of color, size, and design options. Utilize their portability and rearrange the plants to accent furniture, other wall decorations, or bring life to a dull area of the home. With spring just around the corner, it’s not such a bad idea to start diversifying your apartment with houseplants to remind you of the happy warm weather that’s on its way!


If you are an avid reader, you may find piles of books stacking up in every nook and cranny of your apartment. To free up some space – and add some color – find a shelf that works best for you and start making use of blank wall space by filling it with books. Books are easy to arrange and swap out, so you’ll be able to color coordinate your color spectrum. Fill up your walls with knowledge, show off your collection, and cover up that awkward dull wall space.

Apartments for Rent Near Allentown, Pennsylvania

Don’t be put off by the fine print of your lease’s paint policy. Use this blank slate opportunity to creatively personalize your apartment. All wall space is versatile so you can test out the colors, textures and new designs on your “canvas.” If you’re looking for a luxury apartment in Allentown, PA, contact Woodmont Ridge to get a feel for what you can do with our spacious rentals. Call us at 855-826-8255 to schedule a visit or ask about current availabilities and showings. Take a look at our features and amenities as well to see if the apartment life is right for you! Apply for an apartment today and express yourself at Woodmont Ridge!