How does one find the best apartment for them? Falling in love with an apartment complex is easy when it’s a perfect fit for you. Finding a space that suits you may sound like an endless road of compromises, but it doesn’t have to! We understand the challenge ahead of choosing the right place – so to help choose the right floor plan for you we’ve made a list of key features to consider during your search.

Functional Floor Plans

The first thing to look for when considering an apartment is the amount of space. In order to fit all your belongings comfortably, the apartment must be large enough. Comparing the size of your current living situation is a great start in identifying how the new space will accommodate your needs. Sometimes just looking at the amount of square footage on a blueprint floor plan isn’t enough of an indication of how usable the space will be. To help assess if an apartment satisfies a potential renter’s needs, some interior designers suggest classifying living space into three categories: public areas, service areas and private areas.

Public Area

The public area is space designated to entertain and live most of your day-to-day life in. These multi-purpose rooms such as living rooms and dining areas host a variety of social events and group gatherings.

Service Areas

Service areas are locations in the apartment that serve functional purposes such as your kitchen or laundry room. With an array of set-ups, choosing a space that makes sense to your life can be challenging. When comparing floor plans, focus on how your lifestyle could be made easier in the space. Practical considerations like having enough countertop space and allocating a space for a garbage can help narrow your search through the small details.

Private Areas

Private areas are natural spaces of privacy. Bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices fall under this category of space. When looking at different floor plans, make note of how private space is distributed throughout the apartment. Considering floor plans in this sense allows you to better visualize how you will occupy the space.

Apartment Storage

After narrowing down the desired size of your apartment, the next step is figuring out how you will fill the space. Do not underestimate the importance of storage space in your new apartment. Floor plans often include closet dimensions as well as all potential storage spots. Choosing an apartment with ample storage space can be wasteful if you plan on bringing furniture with built in storage options. Picking a floor plan with 10-15% storage space is ideal for this situation.

Utilizing Free Space

When mentally configuring your new apartment layout, consider flow and the use of open space. Rearranging furniture for parties is understandable but when choosing permanent places for furniture, you probably won’t want to constantly move the couch or TV unit. Leave plenty of space for foot traffic and basic living. Choosing an apartment with clunky or awkward features may limit you in the long run with constant redecorating and reorganizing.

Find the Perfect Floor Plan in Allentown, PA

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