We’ve all been there: whether you overslept or got sidetracked, your guests are arriving soon and you need to clean your apartment fast! How does one prepare for an unexpected visit from their parents in only half an hour? We’ve got you covered. Here’s how to clean your apartment in 30 minutes or less.

Cleaning Necessities

If this is your first quick clean, there are some basics we need to cover before diving into the nitty gritty. Scheduling regular cleaning sessions for yourself will greatly reduce the daunting piles that await your guests. If you haven’t already, stock up on some cleaning supplies during your next grocery trip. A good rule of thumb is that it’s always better to have too many supplies than not enough. All-purpose cleaning supplies like Formula 409, sponges, trash bags, paper towels and a vacuum or dust buster should be on your “new apartment necessities” list.

Freshen Up the Bathroom

Start in the bathroom. Bathrooms are a great starting point to begin your quick clean due to their furniture-less setup. Wiping down the sink counter, toilet and shower door with a Clorox wipe is a quick way of removing unflattering dust and grime. Replace your candles or air fresheners often to keep things smelling fresh and clean. We recommend getting this out of the way first as to avoid forgetting about it later.

Straighten Up the Kitchen

Kitchens can get extremely messy even after the most simple of meals. Between dishes and AWOL food scraps, preparing for company can easily get pretty chaotic. Making sure your kitchen is tidied up should be a high priority since most company ends up in the room at some point. Removing any spoiled produce should already be part of your weekly routine, but if not, now is a great opportunity to start fresh. Wiping down counters and the stovetop will provide your guests with the illusion that no one actually lives there!

Make Your Living Room Livable

Often times, the main gathering room accumulates the most “daily use” piles. Between the hoards of shoes, clothes, dirty dishes and paperwork, you are not alone in this type of lifestyle. A good host makes sure their guests have a comfortable seating area not surrounded by their personal belongings. Dedicate a closet or hidden space to put away these highly utilized items for later retrieval. While moving piles from room to room doesn’t technically qualify as cleaning, having designated spots for certain items will keep you more organized in the long run. Once the clutter is removed, feel free to vacuum, dust and mop as needed.

Clutter Free Bedroom

Depending on the layout of your apartment, this quick clean may have to extend to your bedroom. While everyone’s bedroom is different and personal to them, having an inviting bedroom is generally much better than sleeping in a messy pit. Remembering to make your bed in the morning will allow you a great workspace for folding clothes or filling up under bed storage containers. Maybe not in your bedroom, but having an easily accessible hamper encourages clothes to be thrown in there rather than the floor.

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