If you have rented an apartment before, you are already aware that there are limitations on things you can and cannot change. Implementing a “green” lifestyle can be hard when upper management is responsible for major aspects such as utilities and structural limitations. To help facilitate your efforts in making your apartment more eco-friendly, here are a few tips we recommend to try out.

Start an Indoor Garden

Even though most equate gardening with abundant fields and gardens of lush vegetation, you can grow your own garden just about anywhere the sun touches. As long as you have a balcony, window sills and light-filled walls, exercising your green thumb at home are simple and rewarding. Balcony and window sill planters are a great start for anyone looking to experiment with apartment gardening. Just as you would on the outside of your window, place a planter of germinated seeds on or next to your window. Exposing your plants directly to the suns rays will allow seeds to root and flourish just as they would in a greenhouse. Take extra precaution of your plant’s needs and try to limit sun exposure to 6-10 hours for ideal growth.

For the recycling enthusiast out there, make use of seeds from discarded or leftover produce. Instead of tossing that next avocado pit or throwing away excess seeds, germinate your produce scraps in a cup of water for a healthy and cheap way of growing your favorite foods. Consider looking into countertop hydroponic systems for additional help with the more delicate herbs.


To give your apartment garden the best chances, start a compost bin in your community garden. Composting is a great way to reduce produce thrown away and enrich the soil with natural fertilizers. If space is limited or you are concerned about the smell, do your research on different types of composting. Bokashi buckets are an excellent option where you can compost produce, bones, meat, poultry, and fish in a practically odorless bin.

Save Water

Are you unsure of how to enjoy a long shower and be eco-conscious? Since most apartments do not allow making significant changes or adjustments within the space, this green initiative is going to have to be a mental game. Keep track of each and every activity that involves water, and see how long it takes you from start to finish. Cut down your shower time to the bare minimum, don’t leave the faucet on when you brush your teeth, and always remembering to not let the sink run are great places to start. These strategies will reduce the amount of water by almost half and is a cost-efficient way of saving liters of unnecessary use.

Seal Up Leaks

Inspect your windows and ventilation systems for any gaps or leaks. Heating and cooling your apartment can cost you big bucks, especially if there is an unwanted exit for it. Air tends to escape the most through gaps in and around your door, and even the tiniest of holes can affect your apartments ability to maintain a consistent temperature. For better insulation, invest in some eco-friendly solutions. DIY drafts dodgers and door air leak stoppers are a cheap and efficient fix for under the door. If your apartment has archways without doors, draping curtains or sheets over the entryway can additionally aid in moderating the flow of hot and cool air between rooms.

Apartment Rentals in Upper Macungie, PA

Living in an apartment does not mean you can’t do your part to be environmentally conscious – and these ideas are just a start. If you or someone you know is looking to rent an accommodating apartment, with luxury room features look no further than Woodmont Ridge. To learn more about our community’s green efforts, feel free to schedule a visit and contact us today!