If you’re like countless other people in the world, you can’t start your day without a little pick-me-up. More often than not, that pick-me-up is in the form of coffee. When moving to a new apartment, leaving your local coffee shop can be one of the hardest goodbyes. That’s why we set up a list of some of our favorite coffee spots near Woodmont Ridge to help your transition go that much smoother.

Hava Java Cafe Allentown, PA

Hava Java Cafe is one of the most quaint locally owned coffee shops that Allentown has to offer. Complete with live music, local art, and a cozy atmosphere, Hava Java has a lot to offer for those who prefer local shops over chains. From lattes to cappuccinos and everything in between, Hava Java meets all your coffee needs. Pair your java with a pastry, soup, or wrap to brighten your morning or afternoon. Located on 19th Street, this coffee hot spot is only a 10 minute drive from your Woodmont Ridge apartment.

Coffee House Without Limits Allentown, PA

Coffee House Without Limits is a local cozy coffee shop in the middle of Allentown. Supplying all of your caffeinated cravings, this locally owned and operated coffee shop has events such as open mic night for music, poetry, and displays local art in an effort to support the local arts community. Sit down with some friends, play a board game, or get some work done at this quaint cafe located on North 4th Street.

Greenmouth Juice Bar + Cafe Allentown, PA

Greenmouth is a coffee spot of an entirely different breed from the rest. Although its focus is not primarily on coffee, they still offer a vast array of locally roasted coffees, directly from farm coffee beans, espresso drinks, and more. Owned by a certified health and wellness coach named Sarah, this local spot offers a plethora of healthy fruits juices, vegan and vegetarian snacks, and sweet treats to satisfy your cravings. With the majority of the items on the menu coming from local farms, everything is always fresh and the coffee is hot at Greenmouth Juice Bar + Cafe, located right on North 7th Street in Allentown.

Mocha Mike’s Allentown

In a rush to work or just don’t feel like sitting in a shop? Mocha Mike’s is exactly what you’re looking for. This coffee shop is unique in the essence that it’s not a shop at all, it’s a drive thru. Supplying the Allentown workforce with quick caffeine for 20 years, this small drive thru is located on Cetronia Road in Allentown and is perfect for a fast-paced schedule.

Cafe Vida

If you’re looking to enjoy your daily cup of coffee, but better your new community at the same time, then look no further than Cafe Vida. This social enterprise was started by Life Church Ministries and serves stellar coffee products. What’s more is that all of their profit proceeds are pumped back into the community of Allentown via non-profits such as shelters, Allentown Rescue Mission, and other programs that are meant to do good deeds around the town. If you’re looking to satisfy your caffeine craving and help the community, head over to North 6th Street, just a short drive from your Woodmont Ridge apartment.

Starbucks & Dunkin’ Donuts

What coffee list would be complete without these American caffeine moguls? When it comes to selection of both coffee drinks and food, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts both tote free wifi, drive thru service, and more as their claims to fame. If you’re looking for a quick fix without venturing to a new spot that you know nothing about, the closest Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts to Woodmont Ridge is located on Tilghman Street.

Living at Woodmont Ridge

If ditching your favorite local coffee shop is the deal breaker for you moving, we hope this list alleviates your hesitation. With all of these coffee shops and plenty more to love about the greater Allentown area, Woodmont Ridge boasts a convenient location, plentiful amenities, awesome community perks, and anything else you’re seeking in your apartment hunt. Contact us today with any questions you may have about beginning the application process. Don’t hesitate, begin a new chapter of your life at Woodmont Ridge.