Pennsylvania in the fall is one of the most beautiful places and times of year. With the leaves quickly changing from green to a gorgeous swirl of yellow, orange, brown, and red, it’s easy to be captivated by the rolling mountains and waves of color in your backyard. The colors around you are all changing, and there’s a crispness to the air that wasn’t there two weeks ago. All of it is wonderful, but the arrival of fall also means that the decorating season has changed. It’s time to stow away those bright colors, sunbathing spots, and summer plants to make space for your home’s autumn attire. Making sure your balcony is staying trendy and fall-ready can be tricky, but we have put together some ways to ready your balcony for fall festivities.

Utilizing Your Balcony in the Fall

One of the top decoration tips is decorating for both appeal and functionality, so why not make the most of your outdoor space? The fall brings cooler weather, but that doesn’t mean the sun has gone away for the winter quite yet. In fact, fall brings some of the most comfortable temperatures to the area, making it perfect for outdoor dining. During the summer, it gets too hot outside to fully enjoy your balcony, but the fall weather is welcoming to those who want to set up some chairs and a small table to enjoy a meal in the morning. Make your balcony the perfect place to have a conversation with a friend, enjoy a nice book, or simply relax in the autumn sun. Be sure not to overcrowd your balcony- leave yourself a few feet of space to stretch out your legs and be able to move the chairs around.

Enjoy the Fall Festivities

The fall brings some of our absolute favorite holidays. Thanksgiving and Halloween are renowned for their decoration schemes, and they offer some of the best ways to decorate your balcony. So let’s address the big, orange elephant in the room: the pumpkin. Pumpkins seem to take over everything from decorations to coffee flavors during the fall season, and your balcony should be no different. Using a pumpkin (whether fake or real) as a decoration can fill an empty corner, bring a pop of color, and offer some natural tones to your balcony. Surround it with cornucopias, apple crates, lanterns, and other typical fall decorations to create a sort of vignette that will have your neighbors envious of your decorating skills.

Hanging Balcony Decorations

When decorating your balcony, it’s easy to forget about things that can hang off of it, especially in the fall. Typically, hanging planters are the best route to go when hanging things off of your balcony, but most people think that all plants will die off in the fall. The trick is looking for flowers and plants that remain appealing even in colder weather. Mums and asters are the greatest go-to in the fall, but you can also try plants such as coral bells, verbena, sedum, and even decorative cabbage or kale. If you’re not one to look after plants well, you can try your hand at making a festive wreath, complete with orange and yellow leaves to hang from the center of your balcony. Using fake leaves will take away any upkeep that may come with using real ones as well. Any of these options will give your balcony a fresh and natural look for the fall season.

Fall Rugs

The fall means falling leaves, which can be a pain to sweep off of your balcony all the time. What’s more is that wet leaves can leave a residue on your bare balcony, and that’s not something that’s always appealing to you or your guests. Try putting a festive rug with natural tones like brown, orange, yellow, and red to match the overall theme of your balcony, but still keep it protected from any pesky, unwanted leaves this autumn.

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