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Make Your Apartment Look More Spacious

Even the most spacious apartment floorplans will start to feel cluttered after some time. Apartment living tends to mean living in a smaller space than a house would afford, and we often forget to take these size constraints into account when decorating. That doesn’t mean you have to live uncomfortably! If you make the right organizational decisions, you can maximize storage in your apartment, making it feel bigger and more spacious. Here are our top tips on how to maximize storage in an apartment.

Invest in Functional Furniture

Functional furniture is furniture that serves more than one purpose. Usually, an essential element of functional furniture is that it doubles as extra storage. Popular examples of functional furniture include a kitchen table that doubles as a makeshift desk, a couch or ottoman with storage bins inside, or a TV console that holds your book collection. Investing in multitasking furniture will save you a ton of space and cut down on the amount of furnishing you need.

Build Habits to Reduce Clutter

A cluttered apartment will make your space feel even smaller than it actually is. Maximizing space in an apartment mostly has to do with keeping the space clean and organized. This might mean adopting small changes into your daily routine in order to have a less cluttered apartment in the long run. Some changes you can make include never leaving clothes on the floor, keeping up with laundry, never leaving dishes in the sink, and regularly cleaning out your apartment to purge items you don’t use. A good rule of thumb is to never carry and leave objects that belong in one room into another, for example leaving your dishes in your bedroom. While it seems like a lot of work, everything will eventually become a habit and leave your space maximized.

Under the Bed Storage

Two words: bed risers. Bed risers raise the height of your bed and are very inexpensive. This extra 6 inches or so under your bed now becomes a ton of extra storage space in your apartment bedroom! This does not mean you can shove all your belongings under your bed, but it does allow you to come up with some awesome storage solutions. We recommend buying under bed storage bins and keeping them organized — such as one bin for winter clothes, another for wrapping paper and seasonal decor, and another for miscellaneous items. This is valuable and otherwise wasted floor space that you can now take advantage of!

Maximize Wall Space

Instead of cluttering your floor, which will make a space look and feel dramatically smaller, take advantage of wall space in your apartment. Wall shelves are a fun and unique decor item that you can use to show off your style and personality. Use these shelves to store items that are otherwise taking up space around your apartment. You can use them to store books and magazines, trinkets you have collected over the years, candles, and more. Get creative with wall space and start clearing clutter from other places in your apartment home.

Maximize Storage in a Spacious Floorplan at Woodmont Ridge

Woodmont Ridge in Upper Macungie, PA is a premier apartment community. We offer one bedroom apartments with a spacious add-on den, as well as 2 bedroom apartments. These spaces offer the room you need to make an apartment feel like home, as well as tons of storage solutions built in. With ample cabinet space, storage will be much easier to navigate in this space. Come tour our floorplans for yourself, and contact us to discuss leasing options today! We look forward to helping you find your next home.